Communicable Disease Reporting Online

The State of Michigan mandated to the many county health departments the requirement to collect data related to school and daycare absences caused by communicable diseases. Each health department informed those entities that each would need to report the required data weekly. Paper forms were deployed and in some part were used. Others just sent faxes or email while yet others would call the information to their county health department. Cooperation was slowly falling into place when the realization of how cumbersome the collection process had become. Kalamazoo County contacted us and asked if there was a way to use the Internet to gather the data. Working closely with our client, we soon provided a beta version which was accepted and rolled out. Deployment of our feature rich program soon became widely used around the state all by the referral of neighboring health departments. The reporting tools are so highly intuitive, very little technical support is requested.

Vector Data Services

Vector Data Services has surveyed hundreds of thousands of employees in over 180 companies ranging in size from twenty-five employees to over two hundred thousand employees, in 15 different languages, in more than 45 countries. VDS has been a long-standing client with specific technology needs and support requirements. Now in the twentieth year of this relationship our commitment remains strong. We manage their web server, website coding, and mission critical database driven applications online.

County of Kalamazoo MI

For nearly 27 years, we've sustained an 'at will' relationship that started with a simple handshake. The Internet, as well as website development, has evolved many times since. The county's website has matured to be a leader in design, content, and function at a fraction of the cost they would have realized if all that we do for them had been internalized. We continue to appreciate the opportunity to serve this client and demonstrate it by providing the kind of support many have long forgotten. Behind the 'curtain' we have been omnipresent.

Greenstreet Marketing

GreenStreet Marketing has been setting the standard for multi-media products in the south-central Michigan market since 1995. Their goal is to continue setting the standard well into the future and beyond. They've provided brilliant marketing solutions in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo MI for clients ranging from start-ups and not-for-profit organizations, to small and mid-size companies, to Fortune 500 firms. Our relationship with Greenstreet began almost since their beginning as we assisted with the web technology behind a great number of their clients' websites. In return, we have availed ourselves of their first-rate skills in the area of graphics and design. Our long relationship has been a perfect compliment of skillsets.